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Jan 2023

Conquering Packaging Challenges with the Workforce of your Dreams

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“Leaders who can identify, hire, and cultivate employees who are humble, hungry, and smart will have a serious advantage over those who cannot.” ― Patrick Lencioni
Post-pandemic, we spoke to a sizeable sample of senior and middle management representatives at established packaging firms and picked their brains about industry standards for hiring.
We posed pressing questions about the hiring process, including opposite qualifications, level of experience, and, most importantly, the challenge of connecting ideal candidates, from freshers to first-line managers, to hiring committees.
We found that in the niche of packaging, companies, and organizations are often found wandering for the ideal candidate to fill management positions.
After months of interactions, we concluded our comprehensive survey with the following takeaways:
1. There is an urgent need for a dedicated space for packaging professionals to interact with one another, especially to share updates about job opportunities and workplace culture
2. Industry members are unable to abridge their area of expertise and, in some cases, years of experience to aptly fit themselves into a job role on paper. Such encapsulation needs to be championed by an industry-sanctioned directive or, more liberally, an industry-approved template.
At Packaging Connections, we saw a persistent problem and were determined to create a solution.
After years of painstaking research and collaboration, we present to you Packaging Brains!
To bridge all gaps between applicants and recruiters and to help you find your dream team, Packaging Brains uses a data-driven system to match the profiles of both the recruiting company and the job seeker.
Join us in revolutionizing the industry-wide hiring process and visit today!