It is crucial to understand the profile or company's requirements first rather than just applying blindly for a generic packaging job (this is true, especially for a fresher). On the same terms, judging a candidate that suits a particular job is particularly important. However, both are challenging and have their own restrictions

To comprehend the issues of jobs and mentoring, a small analysis was done by the Packaging Connections team, and it is comprehended that it is 
As a solution to these challenges, we have launched “Packaging Brains” and we hope the concept of a “packaging dedicated job portal” will be an immense help to packaging companies and professionals

We have various plans and packages which a company can opt for and take advantage of our widespread network and connections. Our strength is our connections and networks – 100,000+ packaging professionals on the packaging connections site, 47000+ on our linked-in group, and similarly many others on Twitter handle and Facebook page